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Aiwoo is a project that aims to revolutionize the way people create and consume entertainment. We are building a platform that provides innovative solutions to allow empowering engagement and seamless interaction between the entertainment industry’s key players: Fans, Stars, and Entertainment Companies. Aiwoo utilizes the properties of blockchain technology and the flexibility of smart contracts to create an inclusive network and ecosystem that enables high-level resolution to many of the industry's prevailing issues. By including all key players into the entertainment business model, we provide the framework for a more efficient, exciting, and effortless entertainment experience.


  • Discover

    Maintain immersion through
    aggregated content and
    always be up-to-date with
    advanced search and filter

  • Engage

    Use Idol Token with integrated
    payments and automated
    events through smart contracts
    to take fan engagement to
    the next level.

  • Develop

    Enable sustainable talent
    development through fan
    contributions while providing
    solutions for brand safety
    and growth.

  • Exchange

    Generate value through
    community-specific Star Coin
    while promoting ecosystem
    growth through the Idol

Tapping into the Fan economy

Fan economy is real, and we are capitalizing on its potential. We are building Aiwoo with the Fan in mind because they are the cornerstone of this industry. This belief in the Fan-experience combined with the idea of Fan-driven events to unlock hidden potential and opportunity is a fresh and unique perspective, with currently no established business in the market. This means that there is significant upside in securing the first mover’s advantage.

We aren’t chasing visions of grandeur or promising outcomes we can't deliver; we believe in upstanding technology over unsustainable hype and verifiable results over vacant promises. With veteran experience in the industry, our management and advisor teams provide us a definite edge over the competition. Building Aiwoo with this philosophy enables us to circumvent issues that other projects have experienced, providing us the greatest opportunities for scalability and success as we focus on what matters: the Fan.


  • Q3 2018

    UI Optimization
    Account Features
    Content Sharing

  • Q4 2018

    Idol Token
    Wallet Functionality
    Virtual Gift Marketplace
    Integrated Payments

  • Q1 2019

    Star Coin
    Talent Acquisition
    Ecosystem Expansion
    Idol Exchange

  • Q2 2019

    Official Launch
    UX Optimization
    Network Guidance
    Utility Features

Token Sale

  • Token Supply

    10,000mil IDLN

  • Accepted Currencies


To participate in our token sale, please register on our website or contact us at

Token Allocation

  • Token

    Token Sale – 40%

    Fan Engagement and Airdrop – 11%

    Community Reward – 15%

    Founders – 15%

    Long Term Development – 9%

    Developer Challenge – 10%

  • Use
    of Funds

    Development, Technology & Research – 32%

    Talent Acquisition & Development – 22%

    Community & Ecosystem Building – 18%

    Operational Costs – 14%

    Marketing – 8%

    Legal – 6%


  • Leon Lee
    Leon Lee

    Founder of Crown Asia International Ltd. More than 25 years of financial investment experience and over 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry.

  • Adam Li
    Adam Li

    Entrepreneur, investor, and trader. Extensive background in equity, derivatives, and cryptocurrency trading as well as IPO experience.

  • Tao Yadong
    Tao Yadong

    Co-founder of an IP derivatives business. Has over 10 years of experience within the entertainment and film, marketing, and IP derivatives industry.

  • Steve Ho
    Steve Ho

    Over 10 years of audit, accounting,and financial management experience in the entertainment, internet, media, shipping, and construction industries.

  • Zhou Guoqing
    Zhou Guoqing

    Comprehensive experience in leading technology, product, and business innovations with over 18 years of fullstack development.

  • Peter Jeng
    Head of Artist Development
    Peter Jeng
    Head of Artist Development

    Ex-manager for Sony Music, with almost 30 years of artist agent director and music industry experience.

  • Tang Xueyan
    Lead Developer
    Tang Xueyan
    Lead Developer

    Founder of Dried Fish Coin (小鱼干币), Stellar application developer, IPFS application developer, Mobius code-contributor, well known blockchain technology lecturer. Designed blockchain projects for communities such as Dogecoin (狗狗币), and Earthcoin (地球币). Technical consultant for multiple blockchain projects.

  • Feng Xiao
    Head of Product Design
    Feng Xiao
    Head of Product Design

    Director of Product Operations at Beijing Yi Ju Creative Technology Co. Ltd., and Co-Founder of Mei Ruo, an e-commerce optical shop. Extensive experience in e-commerce, R&D, and product and team management.

  • William Tian
    Head of Fan Engagement
    William Tian
    Head of Fan Engagement

    Executive Assistant, China Venture Capital Investment Co. Ltd. Almost a decade of experience in venture capital, project management, and project relations. MSc. UCL.

  • Christine Cheng
    Head of Research
    Christine Cheng
    Head of Research

    Equity analyst and portfolio advisor at Desautels Capital Management. Comprehensive experience in qualitative analysis, macroeconomic analysis, stock selection, strategic investment, and portfolio risk management. MSc. Imperial College London.


  • Philip Yang
    Industry Advisor
    Philip Yang
    Industry Advisor

    Chairman of Creative China Holdings Co. Ltd. (Hong Kong GEM listed company). Over 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry.

  • Kwan Kam Pang (Stanley Kwan)
    Industry Advisor
    Kwan Kam Pang (Stanley Kwan)
    Industry Advisor

    Famous director and producer of Chinese film. Has 30 years of film and television production and director experience.

  • Ma Tien Tsung
    Industry Advisor
    Ma Tien Tsung
    Industry Advisor

    Board of Directors for Across Films Company. Over 30 years of experience in the entertainment and film industry.

  • Jennifer Lin
    Industry Advisor
    Jennifer Lin
    Industry Advisor

    30 years of experience in the Asian entertainment industry. Rich experience in music, concerts, entertainer management and music copyright trading.

  • Yu Li Mei
    Industry Advisor
    Yu Li Mei
    Industry Advisor

    Executive Director of Asia Media, with more than 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry (including films, concerts, artist management, etc). In recent years, has worked closely with the Korean entertainment industry to open up the entertainment market to the Chinese entertainment industry.

  • Peter Liao
    Industry Advisor
    Peter Liao
    Industry Advisor

    Partner of Jason’s Entertainment Co. Ltd. and Great Star Entertainment, with more than 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry(including TV shows, Idol dramas, artist management, etc).

  • Mark Cheng
    BIndustry Advisor
    Mark Cheng
    BIndustry Advisor

    9 years of experience in the venture capital, venture building and commercialization. Helms the strategy at Start-Up Brunei, one of the largest venture builders and accelerators in Brunei. Awarded Queen’s Young Leaders Award in 2016 by HM Queen Elizabeth II.

  • Marcus John
    Industry Advisor
    Marcus John
    Industry Advisor

    22 years of expertise in sports management, media and marketing. During his decade long tenure at IMG, he held various senior executive positions which included running its Asia-Pacific Consulting division as well as overseeing its activities in China as Managing Director.

  • James Tan
    Corporate Governance Advisor
    James Tan
    Corporate Governance Advisor

    Served as Independent NonExecutive Director at Creative China Holdings Limited (Listed on HKEX), Oriental Group Ltd (Listed SGX), China Paper Holdings Limited (Listed SGX). Extensive corporate banking experience in the Asia Pacific region, working in various international banks including Citibank, BOC, ABOC and OCBC.

  • Tay Jie Ming
    Partnerships and Alliances Advisor
    Tay Jie Ming
    Partnerships and Alliances Advisor

    Risk analysis and sales at Credit Suisse and OCBC. Highly proficient in risk and financial data models and analytics and community management and engagement.